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Inside B's Wardrobe

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Inside B's Wardrobe

Yours, mine, confidence booster can be from a lot of things. Some said it came from the looks, or probably the height, maybe the inheritance, for me, I think confidence booster is sex appeals, feeling sexy, comfortable, beautiful, pretty in your own skins. What oozes more sex appeal other than sexy lingeries, foxy bikinis, oh-my-gowns, yummylicious costumes, unwrap me undies, socks, stockings, or even mens undies for the obvious? Wait no longer, think no longer, visit Inside B's Wardrobe now. B as in Brenda, one of the co-owner of I B's W, determined to give, to provide you with, the *inner confidence booster :P, whether if the goal was to enchance bedroom karma, or, simply feeling sexy..

Sexy lingeries, foxy bikinis,oh-my-gowns, yummylicious costumes, unwrap me undies, socks, stockings, even mens undies :)


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